• Balancing people, planet and profit

We have a team of more than
24 000 employees worldwide.
We respect the natural environment in which we operate and limit our impact as far as possible.
Our Naspers Academy provides the latest and most relevant learning resources to all the employees.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Naspers' approach to sustainability is rooted in a detailed understanding of the factors that make it such a critical issue.
Among others, these factors include:

Sustainability focus

Given the nature and scope of our business as a multinational group of media and ecommerce platforms, we focus our sustainability initiatives into four distinct categories:

  • People
  • Education and skills development
  • Environment, and
  • Corporate governance

Our aim is to improve the living conditions of our employees, their families and the communities in which we operate, ultimately balancing profit, people and planet.

We are a for-profit organisation, and as a result we invest significantly in developing our business to provide useful products and services to our customers, and a sustainable return to investors.

We clearly understand our obligations as a corporate citizen and we therefore:

  • Invest in the countries where we operate by creating business for local suppliers, employing people and paying governments their dues through taxes, levies and related costs of doing business.
  • Aim to follow the rules, and co-operate and interact with regulatory bodies.
  • Attract, train and keep the best people as a priority focus.
  • Understand that we operate in many communities, each with different challenges. Each business aims to make a difference to its community by contributing in line with its relevant strengths. Some of our more significant initiatives focus on education, skills development, entrepreneurial spirit, community outreach and environmental sustainability. Most are implemented in partnership with government, communities or local organisations.
  • Respect the natural environment in which we operate and limit our impact as far as possible.